February is all about the scramble!!

With one month down, I can proudly say I've mastered the art of cooking sunny side up eggs, which are my least favorite eggs to eat. Although I will admit they're starting to grow on me. February is here and that means I'm changing it up to scrambled, which I really enjoy eating. As a … Continue reading February is all about the scramble!!


Devilled eggs with bacon

I decided to be creative and added a little zing to our devilled eggs....BACON.  Started with perfectly boiled eggs, yolks removed. Then added mayo and German mustard, ground black pepper and some garlic powder. I cooked up some bacon lardons, drained them out. Then chopped them up so fine they turned to a powder (leaving … Continue reading Devilled eggs with bacon

Sunny-side Up Eggs: Attempt #4

Everything is better with bacon, right? Yep!  For lunch today, I made some bacon in my castiron pan, and used some fat (along with cooking spray) to cook up the eggs. We have hit perfection!! Today's tricks: 1 ) Bacon fat. 2) Crack egg into a small bowl and pour into heated pan with fat. … Continue reading Sunny-side Up Eggs: Attempt #4

Attempt #3: Quinoa fried rice with sunny-side up egg

I'm trying to keep things interesting and on the sunny-side as I get through my first month of perfecting how I cook sunny-side up eggs (pun intended). Tonight I tried a different method....my wok! I started with hot canola oil and cracked the egg in (I have to learn how to make a nice shape … Continue reading Attempt #3: Quinoa fried rice with sunny-side up egg