Sunny-side up attempt #2

In tried my hand at sunny-side up eggs this morning and took a different approach in effort to keep healthy . Sprayed the pan, cracked egg into small bowl, poured into low/medium heated pan, and let it go. 

I noticed the yolk and top white wasn’t cooking with rest of egg on pan so decided to cover with a lid to see what would happen…

It started to steam a bit but interestingly some parts of the white turned almost plastic-like in texture (see 3 o’clock below).

I don’t think it was a complete disaster as I served on some ham, roasted asparagus and quinoa. My hubby enjoyed it more than the first egg I made on new year’s day so that is a step in right direction. Note the plastic-like texture of the egg white at 10 to 11 o’clock below.

The yolk is definitely in better shape today so that is definitely progress.

 Part of my challenge is I don’t love runny egg yolks, well more so, I’m afraid of them still from the days of being allergic. I need to get over it fast! 

Please share tips and tricks my way.

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