Attempt #3: Quinoa fried rice with sunny-side up egg

I’m trying to keep things interesting and on the sunny-side as I get through my first month of perfecting how I cook sunny-side up eggs (pun intended). Tonight I tried a different method….my wok!

I started with hot canola oil and cracked the egg in (I have to learn how to make a nice shape still…baby steps) and spooned the hot oil on the white not exposed to pan. I think it worked! 

I removed the egg and drained the oil on a paper towel. Tadah!

I then turned my attention to the quinoa fried rice, something I’ve never made before. Using leftovers, I stir-fried veggies in hosein, soy sauce and sesame oil and set aside. Then I stir-fried day- old quinoa in canola, soy and sesame oil. Once it started to get crispy I added in the veggies.

Then to finish it off, I topped with the sunny-side up eggs.

And to serve, I cut into the eggs and tossed into the rice.

This is a damn good dinner!!! 


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