February is all about the scramble!!

With one month down, I can proudly say I’ve mastered the art of cooking sunny side up eggs, which are my least favorite eggs to eat. Although I will admit they’re starting to grow on me.

February is here and that means I’m changing it up to scrambled, which I really enjoy eating. As a kid, my mum called them rumble tumble and she would prepare in vegetable oil with onions and green chilies. No milk, no butter, no water.

Personally, I love scrambled eggs that are prepared straight up without the addition of liquid. I will never be caught eating processed scrambled eggs, nor will I ever order scrambled eggs at a restaurant in fear they will be runny, too fluffy, etc. In my mind, it is disrespectful to the integrity of the delicious egg. Call me crazy!

I put out an SOS to my friends on Facebook for ideas, fav ingredients, innovative approaches and received some GREAT feedback, including:

  • Remove the chalazae from egg
  • Add chunks of butter to whisked eggs
  • Pre-salt the uncooked eggs
  • Add a pinch of cumin
  • Use a sous vide
  • Add ginger, lime and Sriracha
  • Add feta and spinach
  • Add kimchi and spinach
  • Add sliced or mashed banana
  • Slow cook on low heat with butter
  • Add cream cheese

Amazing, right??

My favorite way to prep scrambled eggs (as of today) is to crack the into warm/hot pan with some cooking spray (keeping it healthy!), scramble with a spatula, let cook over medium/low heat, add in goodies (ham, onion, mushroom and cheese; chorizo and green onion; cilantro and jalapeños; spinach, ham, feta…) and finish with salt and fresh cracked pepper. On a rare occasion I’ll hit with hot sauce but never will I eat with ketchup.

Please share your ideas and favorites with me and follow my on Instagram @theeggresolution. Let’s continue to talk about eggs. #makeeggsgreatagain (just kidding!!!!!!).

Thanks for being part of my journey!!!

~ Lindsay




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