Scrambled eggs with harissa, chorizo, feta and scallions

I kicked off scrambled eggs month right with this delicious concoction, which yielded a flavourful dish that’s spicy, savory and smokey.

I started by heating my nonstick pan over medium heat, hit with a spritz of cooking spray and turned heat down to a medium/low setting. Cracked four eggs and gave them a whirl with a rubber spatula (can’t risk scratching my pan with metal!).

After a couple minutes, I added in harissa paste that comes in a jar. I had never used before and it was a gift…no better time to give it a go! I continued to scramble the eggs with the harissa for another minute or so. 

Then I added the rest of the ingredients and flipped it around here and there until it was perfectly cooked (and not overcooked). My hubby had his on a fresh roll with a drizzle of olive oil and I enjoyed with my favourite seasonal naval orange (look for 3107 code on label…the BEST).

I will try other techniques over the weekend when I’ve got more time. But for now, I’m quite happy with this discovery of using harissa in scrambling eggs!!

~ Lindsay




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