March is boiling….

I’ve been slacking on cooking eggs over the past couple of weeks. Been busy, sick of eggs, yadda.

I did kick off month by boiling eggs. I did in a low sauce/saute pan, filled with water, added 4 eggs…had loads of room in pan. 

Brought to a boil, reduced heat to minimum and let go covered for 13 min. Cooled down in sink with cold steam of tap water. 

 The eggs were 90% done, which I didn’t know until peeling.

Here is the problem. I used to be very allergic to eggs. Carried an epipen, would get violently ill, etc. I immediately had a pokey feeling in my mouth after eating a couple slices, and got a bit nervous. 

I will give boiled eggs another whirl this weekend but here is hoping I don’t have a bad allergic reaction (or worse….that my allergy has come back!).

More to come.


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