Spanish omelette 

If you know me, you know I dislike leftovers. So, my new project, in addition to this project, is to reinvent leftovers.

Here we have last night’s dinner. Roasted potatoes and pork chops made in my castiron pan. Delicious.

This morning, while my hubby and Daisy (our lab) were sound asleep (because they were up late watching the March Madness finals…not me!), I made some strong coffee, and got to it.

Here we have simple ingredients.
Beat the eggs by hand
Added the potato and onions
Into the nomstick pan with freshly ground pepper
Love using my rubber spatula. Starting to set.
Flipped on a plate only to flip back into pan on other side
Not bad for my first time!
Letting it set and cut into quarters
Spanish omelette 🌞

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