French omelet a la Jacques Pepin

Easter Sunday breakfast deserves something delicious, right? I decided I would try my hand at making the French Omelette, which is a technique I learned from the legendary Jacques Pepin. [Side bar – my wonderful husband may have a man-crush on Chef Pepin!! I actually think that’s kind of sexy as I feel the same way about Julia Child, in a non-sexual way!!!] I also did a lot of studying on how to get this right, which included reading about the technique in All About Eggs as well as reading up on what Mr Mark Bittman had to say about it, as well as other blogs posts on the net.

I have to admit, this one made me a bit nervous as I needed to tip the pan, use a plastic fork, carefully fold…but I did it! And I would say that for my first time, I’m pretty proud of the outcome. Next time, I’ll use less filling or more eggs.  I should have captured more pics BUT I was too busy rolling up my egg while shaking the pan…I only have two hands!

It was so delicious. I sautéed my mushrooms in a bit of butter and a tiny bit of herbes de provence. Man – they alone were off the charts yummy. There is something so incredible about this omelette – it’s a hybrid between scrambled eggs and an omelette. I can’t wait to make it again and need to figure out a way to do this with less butter…although it may be the butter that makes it so delectable!!!

Here’s a video of Jacques Pepin making the omelette. I changed it for my own purposes (there is only 2 of us and 10 eggs is WAY too much!). Enjoy, or rather, Bon Appetit!!! 🙂

Start with 3 eggs, salt and pepper. Salt keeps eggs moist so add before cooking.
Stir with a plastic fork until there is no more visible white.
Pour in pan heated to medium/high heat and stir with the plastic fork to protect non-stick pan
Once egg settles, add filler. I sauteed mushrooms in a tiny bit of herbes de provence. Delicious. Added to set egg with gruyere and carefully rolled up.
Delicious. Still need to work on technique but the taste is 💯

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