Mexican frittata with grilled corn and poblano, chorizo and asiago cheese.

Even though it’s omelette month, I can’t resist cooking in my new favorite kitchen tool – my cast-iron pan! It’s been a few months since this diddy joined our family but it’s taken some time for me to get the hang of using it – cleaning, seasoning, not burning food in it, etc. I love it.

Now that Spring has sprung, we’ve been using the BBQ quite a bit. So, I decided to grill up some poblano peppers as well as char up some corn. They were missing their skin/ears so I just placed them on the grill and let them char up. That process alone creates a wonderfully nutty flavor to the corn and a deeper smokiness to the pepper.

I prepped everything the night before (seeded and skinned the peppers, chopped up nicely; cut the corn off the cob; chopped some onion, chorizo and jalapeno). The next morning, I preheated my oven, made sure my pan was oiled up, and in went the eggs and the rest of the ingredients in addition to shredded asiago cheese. I didn’t season too much as there was enough flavor. Baked for 35 or so minutes, removed from the oven and let it set.

And it was delicious!!!!! Here are the pics to prove it. Yum!!!

Ariba ariba. Baked in castiron pan. Caramelized perfectly.
Mouth-watering delicious
Hubby ate his sandwiched in a roll with our fav Mexican chipotle hot sauce.

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