Indian-style Masala Omelette

What’s the correct way to spell omelette/omelet?? I seem to use both interchangeably! Oh well. Let’s get onto the really important stuff here – my amazing masala omelette.

When I travelled India a few years ago, I LIVED for breakfast (well all meals, really) because I would start the day with a delicious masala omelette, a delectable, flavorful and spicy dish that would create fireworks in my mouth.

This morning I tried to replicate this. In full transparency, I have researched this and from what I understand, it’s not supposed to be folded in half, rather flipped over and cut in quarters. I did try to flip on a plate however that didn’t work and we have a half moon.


Delicious, spicy, flavourful masala omelette filled with tomato, onion, cilantro, green chili; served with homemade coriander chutney (blended coriander, ginger, garlic, chili, spices) and a hot mango chutney. Dusted with chaat masala. Garnished with scallions. 



Scrambled three eggs and into pan with salt, pepper and cumin. Let the bottom start to form and added the veggies. 



While it’s folded in half, the dish itself is amazing. I love spicy and savory foods for breakfast and this definitely has taken me back to my happy place in India. 



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