It all started with a love for cooking, a broken yolk and a rocky relationship with eggs. I’ve loved and hated eggs, and they’ve also loved and hated me, so much so I developed a short-lived anaphylaxis allergy on my 35th birthday that disappeared three years later. I met my husband during that time and thought he didn’t love me because he ate eggs as much as possible (was he trying to kill me??! No – I was just jealous). And here we are today, lovers of this bountiful, satisfying, healthy, delicious food.

On Christmas Eve morning, I poached eggs for the first time. Started with a 30 sec recipe review online and ended with a kitchen disaster. The first egg was great egg-cept we had a case of ‘cup runneth over’ with the egg white over the yolk – tasted good but wasn’t perfect. The second egg lost most of its white in the water (think egg drop soup) and then we lost it while in transit to the avocado toast. Daisy, our beautiful dog (with quite a culinary palette) enjoyed it so wasn’t a total waste.

And here we are today on a 12-month quest to perfect cooking eggs. This will be done by myself, Lindsay Jette, with the help of my husband, Christopher Jette, and hopefully with the help from our friends in the social media world. I invite you to encourage me on my journey, help me improve with tips and tricks as well as make suggestions along the way however refuse to make pickled eggs.

Here’s the monthly schedule.

January: Sunnyside Up

February: Scrambled

March: Boiled

April: Omelette

May: Frittata

June: Emulsified Sauce

July: Quiche

August: Overeasy

September: Poached

October: Souffle

November: Custard

December: Bringing it all together

I hope you have as much fun as me and enjoy watching journey unfold.