Indian-style Masala Omelette

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French omelet a la Jacques Pepin

Easter Sunday breakfast deserves something delicious, right? I decided I would try my hand at making the French Omelette, which is a technique I learned from the legendary Jacques Pepin. [Side bar - my wonderful husband may have a man-crush on Chef Pepin!! I actually think that's kind of sexy as I feel the same … Continue reading French omelet a la Jacques Pepin

Spanish omelette 

If you know me, you know I dislike leftovers. So, my new project, in addition to this project, is to reinvent leftovers. Here we have last night's dinner. Roasted potatoes and pork chops made in my castiron pan. Delicious. This morning, while my hubby and Daisy (our lab) were sound asleep (because they were up … Continue reading Spanish omelette 

Over easy egg on top of maple sweet potato hash

A boiled eggs doesn't go well with hash so I. Made hubby and over easy egg over sweet potato hash with maple sausage.  All my practicing with sunnyside up eggs has allowed me to have more control over cracking egg in pan. My wide mouth spatula is perfect for flipping the egg. And my hubby … Continue reading Over easy egg on top of maple sweet potato hash

March is boiling….

I've been slacking on cooking eggs over the past couple of weeks. Been busy, sick of eggs, yadda. I did kick off month by boiling eggs. I did in a low sauce/saute pan, filled with water, added 4 eggs...had loads of room in pan.  Brought to a boil, reduced heat to minimum and let go … Continue reading March is boiling….