Over easy egg on top of maple sweet potato hash

A boiled eggs doesn't go well with hash so I. Made hubby and over easy egg over sweet potato hash with maple sausage.  All my practicing with sunnyside up eggs has allowed me to have more control over cracking egg in pan. My wide mouth spatula is perfect for flipping the egg. And my hubby … Continue reading Over easy egg on top of maple sweet potato hash


February is all about the scramble!!

With one month down, I can proudly say I've mastered the art of cooking sunny side up eggs, which are my least favorite eggs to eat. Although I will admit they're starting to grow on me. February is here and that means I'm changing it up to scrambled, which I really enjoy eating. As a … Continue reading February is all about the scramble!!

Devilled eggs with bacon

I decided to be creative and added a little zing to our devilled eggs....BACON.  Started with perfectly boiled eggs, yolks removed. Then added mayo and German mustard, ground black pepper and some garlic powder. I cooked up some bacon lardons, drained them out. Then chopped them up so fine they turned to a powder (leaving … Continue reading Devilled eggs with bacon