Indian-style Masala Omelette

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March is boiling….

I've been slacking on cooking eggs over the past couple of weeks. Been busy, sick of eggs, yadda. I did kick off month by boiling eggs. I did in a low sauce/saute pan, filled with water, added 4 eggs...had loads of room in pan.  Brought to a boil, reduced heat to minimum and let go … Continue reading March is boiling….

Attempt #3: Quinoa fried rice with sunny-side up egg

I'm trying to keep things interesting and on the sunny-side as I get through my first month of perfecting how I cook sunny-side up eggs (pun intended). Tonight I tried a different wok! I started with hot canola oil and cracked the egg in (I have to learn how to make a nice shape … Continue reading Attempt #3: Quinoa fried rice with sunny-side up egg