Indian-style Masala Omelette

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Spanish omelette 

If you know me, you know I dislike leftovers. So, my new project, in addition to this project, is to reinvent leftovers. Here we have last night's dinner. Roasted potatoes and pork chops made in my castiron pan. Delicious. This morning, while my hubby and Daisy (our lab) were sound asleep (because they were up … Continue reading Spanish omelette 

February is all about the scramble!!

With one month down, I can proudly say I've mastered the art of cooking sunny side up eggs, which are my least favorite eggs to eat. Although I will admit they're starting to grow on me. February is here and that means I'm changing it up to scrambled, which I really enjoy eating. As a … Continue reading February is all about the scramble!!